Company Information

A.E. Rogers Architects, LLC, is in its 35th year of operation in the design and specification of various types of buildings.  Their experience includes space planning, land-use planning, market analyses, programming, architectural design, contract documents production, cost estimating, project management, on-site inspections, building condition surveys, and architectural compliance studies.

A.E. Rogers Architects, LLC specializes in Historic Period Design. Over the last fifteen years, the firm has completed approximately (18) new retail structures in the Skagway Historic District, each passing approval by the Skagway Historic District (HDC)

Design Honor

A.E. Rogers Architects, LLC received two letters of Special Recognition from the American Institute of Architects (Design Awards Programs) for the design of the Cathedral of the Nativity remodel in Juneau , Alaska. The project was cited for its "considerable craftsmanship", "simple composition" and "modesty of approach".

Term Contract Experience

Architectural Term Contract with the Alaska DOT/PF
(continuously 1986-2000)

Architectural Term Contract with the City and Borough of Juneau
(1987-02, 2004-2016)

Architectural Term Contract with the University of Alaska Southeast
(1990-92, 1995-2006)

Management Approach 

Alan Rogers, R.A. is responsible for coordinating all work tasks of a multi-disciplinary team, if indeed the work order calls for services that extensive.  He serves as the primary point-of-contact with the client and is responsible for keeping the client fully informed concerning the progress of the work.  He actually does most of the architectural work himself and also oversees the entire project as the prime consultant.  As Principal of the firm, he is ultimately responsible for the quality and accuracy of the product.  He is available full-time on a daily basis.  The firm prides itself on the individualized attention it gives to its clients resulting in quality projects that are completed on time and within budget.

Architectural Registrations: Alaska (A5582), Washington (5111)

Alaska Business License No.:  BL 080267

CBJ Sales Tax No. 800560